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About Me

Grooming is my passion and dogs are my kids!

I want to make grooming your dog easy and fast and, help you get professional results.   I believe you can by using professional products, professional-grade tools and using professional techniques. 

If you choose to only maintain your dog’s hair in between professional grooms or groom them entirely by yourself, I hope my advice helps. My tips will allow more dog-parents to take charge, save time and money.  

I have discovered easy systems and tools that WILL help, and I will share my secrets with you, my readers. 

 I love what I do, I love dogs and I love experimenting and discovering new ways to make dogs look and feel good – and ways to shave time and money.

My dogs ARE my kids, and if you feel the same about yours, then you’ve come to the right place!

(Can you find 5 dogs in the photo??