K9K Fan Nail Tackle Box ™



The K9KFanCo. FEAR-FREE Nail Clipping Tackle Box

Everything You Need to Become a Pro 

9 piece kit

  • large stainless steel nail clipper
  • medium-size clipper
  • styptic powder
  • pet nail grinder (rechargeable) by Dremel
  • 10 practice testers
  • flashlight
  • the tackle box
  • complete instructions
  • and more!


Extra small nail clippers for tiny dog nails or cats  PLUS – The K9KfanCo Nosey-Paw™ Cream– softens and protects noses, ear tips, dry cracked paws. A safe to lick all plant-derived blend. Can be used on your own cuticles and lips!


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