The K9KFan Touch-Up Tool Kit™


14 piece grooming toolset to maintain your medium-length or long-haired dog’s hair in between grooms or while traveling.

This is the only kit on the market focused on brushing large and smaller areas, combing, detangling, dematting, eye trimming, de-odorizing for in between professional grooming appointments or as a starter kit for the do-it-yourselfer.



Maintain your new puppy’s hair at home or while traveling

NO MORE Trying to figure out which brush or comb to buy for your curly, wiry, or long-length hair dog! Every piece tested and approved by professional dog groomers.  All the shopping’s done for you in one KIT!

Large Slicker Brush

  • Get the brushing done faster with The Master Grooming Ergonomic Slicker brush- on any dog everywhere, body, legs, tail, etc.
  • Learn to use the brush for mats. Use corners of the brush + detangle spray strand by strand. If mat remains, use THINNING scissor (incl.)
  • This is the brush professionals use; won’t hurt your hands, 

 X-Small slicker brush

  • Soft enough for small dogs, faces, muzzles, ears, legs, feet, short body hair, 
  • Comfortable for smaller human hands

Thinning scissors 

  • Easily remove mats by slicing through the middle then brush out.
  • Scissor anywhere to blend and not make gouges.
  • Use to trim tails, feet, across the nose bridge to remove hair “forests” in front of eyes.

X-large Greyhound comb

  • Has 2 teeth sizes (wide & medium) to comb effortlessly dislodge tangles or mats with either end.
  • Allows you to reach awkward spots without adjusting your or the dog’s positions. Yes, it’s large, practice makes perfect!
  • Easy to handle – gives better leverage than combs with handles

6″ and 4 1/2 “metal combs

  • For smaller areas
  • Quick ear, body, or feet touch-ups
  • For those who prefer a smaller comb.

Flea comb

  • Perfect to remove eye crusts from under eyes. 
  • Easily remove fleas, stickers  or food stuck on whiskers

6″ curved scissors

  • Trim hair around the eyes, nose, visors, and other areas.
  • Edge ears
  • Use for foot pads and to trim around the feet.

Stazko Detangling and Conditioning Spray

  • Hair needs a conditioner to brush out mats and tangles comfortably and quickly. 
  • Eliminate static with a light, but effective mist.

EZ Groom Eau Der Gone –Neutralizes odors and smells instantly

EZ Groom Cologne

  • Essential oils cologne by EZ Groom. Pleasantly light, long-lasting scents.
  • Honey Lavender or Holly Berry

Bio-Groom Waterless Bath spray –

  • Remove poop, dirt stains and odors without a full bath. 

6ft. slip Lead

  • Holds dog in place when grooming. Slip under one arm, then step on the handle to prevent them from walking off.

AND a Canvas Tool Bag included, holds everything!


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in



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